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Your Tree Readings for w/c 19th September 2016

To find out what ‘Tree Sign’ you are, look under ‘Trees’ in the top menu, then ‘Tree Calendar’ 🙂

4 readings per sign – 1) past – what has lead up to now, 2) present – ie this week, 3) future – possible outcome, 4) overall theme 😉




Gort (Ivy) – It looks as if you might have been through a rather testing time recently, a time of frustrating restriction but also perhaps a time of personal development 😉


Quert (Apple) – This indicates that this week you in a should be in a much better place, taking good care of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally and feeling surrounded by love and peace 🙂


Muinn (Vine) – Symbolising festivity and ‘good times’, this shows that you might soon be up for a bit of partying soon! It also signifies that you should have the sense not to ‘overdo it’ now that you are in a healthier frame of mind 😉


Overall – Phagos (Beech) – the tree of ‘Learning’. I think this is telling us about a learning experience – learning from past mistakes 😉 It’s so tempting to end up punishing ourselves when we have been under stress but so much better if we can turn those testing times around by taking time out to look within and heal ourselves instead 😉





Gort (Ivy) – Like Birch above it seems that you have been feeling restricted or even constricted lately, maybe to the point of ‘strangulation’ concerning a certain situation in your life! 🙁


Saille (Willow) – This week could see you drawing on your intuition to make changes – in tune with your emotions and those ‘gut feelings’ which are guiding you as to what needs to be done 😉


Nuin (Ash) – Drawn ‘reversed’ it might be that you could still find yourself going round in those ever decreasing restricting circles for a short time BUT it shouldn’t take long for you to realise that all you need to do is stand up for yourself!


Overall – Uilleand (Honeysuckle) – This is all about being true to yourself, doing that inner seeking which Saille is indicating 😉 To keep thinking about what it is you really want to do in life .. by accessing your inner knowledge and wisdom so as to gain the confidence to find your own path and thereby live your life to the full 🙂





Edhadh (Aspen) – Have you been doubting yourself of late? Putting up a ‘shield’ so as to try to block out some negativity in your life? Perhaps there have been more than a few challenges? 🙁


Duir (Oak) – Well it looks as if all that could change this week, an ‘opening door’ to renewed strength and endurance, a feeling of being protected without the need for that ‘shield’ 😉


Quert (Apple) – And it seems you will be ‘going from strength to strength’ surrounded by a feeling of protection of love and healing, enabling you to the most of life again 🙂


Overall – Uilleand (Honeysuckle) – As above for Rowan, this indicates the ‘search for self’ but I think more likely in this instance, ‘trusting’ in yourself 😉 Even Aspen speaks of ‘strength in adversity’, showing us that negativity can be overcome, we can open that ‘door’ by ourselves 😉





Duir (Oak) – This is the tree of strength and nobility, it also signifies honesty and fidelity .. have you been doing a few good deeds lately, helping a few folk out, feeling rather generous?


Muin (Vine) – Well it looks as if this week you could well be rewarded for all your kindness 🙂 Perhaps some very appreciative friends have something planned for you on the weekend? 😉


Coll (Hazel) – Far from becoming big-headed about all of this, it rather looks as if you will feel you have learned something from time, be inspired to learn more too and perhaps pass it on 🙂


Overall – Koad (Grove) – This is so appropriate as it signifies ‘greater understanding’, the grove being a place where people would meet in the past to discuss things which affected the good of the community as a whole. You should be gaining a lot of (unselfish) personal satisfaction this week!





Ura (Heather) – All about love, passion and partnership, does this mean that you have recently started a new love affair? You maybe feel that this is the love of your life? 😉


Quert (Apple) – So it’s quite possible that life is wonderful for you this week, love is being fully reciprocated, you feel that nothing can touch you as a couple, walking on air etc etc 😉


Elder (Ruis) – Oooerr? .. and reversed too :s No need to worry, this doesn’t mean it could all to come to an end! 😉 I think it is more to do with not leaving out your friends .. read on .. 😉


Overall – Koad (Grove) – As for Alder above, this is all about considering others and how our actions affect not only us but those immediately around us. It can often happen that when we fall head over heels in love we can unintentionally neglect our friends a little – they usually understand though – still, good to bear in mind 😉





Muin (Vine) – It looks as though you were having a really good time up until recently, and you probably felt it was well deserved too – perhaps after some work well done! 🙂


Onn (Gorse) – Drawn reversed this shows that could be feeling a little deflated this week, maybe because someone has takes the wind out of your sails with some rather prickly remarks? 🙁


Edhadh (Aspen) – If so then this tree asks you to see the above as a challenge, you should have the strength to see that such negativity is probably due to jealousy and so feel protected from it 😉


Overall – Koad (Grove) – As for the above signs this speaks of deeper and understanding and knowledge coming about due to working with others .. I would say that this signifies speaking and listening to your TRUE friends who will not be jealous of you and reinforce the message from Aspen 😉





Tinne (Holly) – This indicates that you might well have needed the ‘strength of a warrior’ recently! Do you feel as if you have been tested to the limits? Probably put a good fight though! 😉


Luis (Rowan) – Reversed – Still times like that are exhausting aren’t they! It could well be that you feel you need to build your defences back up this week and to avoid ‘that’ happening again! :s


Ailm (Pine) – The good news is that this looks to be totally possible! 🙂 This tree signifies purification, elation, healing and experiences, also learning from past mistakes! 🙂


Overall – Uilleand (Honeysuckle) – It seems you already have the wisdom and knowledge of self to have a grasp on any recent challenging situations and why they might have occurred, that you were well prepared to deal with them 😉 Still life is a learning process so that should be another problem sorted 😉





Coll (Hazel) – This little tree is connected with divine wisdom, so more than just ordinary teaching/learning. Have you learned something really important recently .. a life lesson?


Muinn (Vine) – Whatever it may be it looks as if some kind of celebration is in order this week, not perhaps so much a party with friends but maybe within yourself, a feeling of harmony restored 🙂


Quert (Apple) – And so it should continue, feeling peaceful, at home with oneself, whole, healthy and loved 🙂 Home will no doubt be your haven and family and friends your joy 🙂


Overall – Uilleand (Honeysuckle) – this seems to be coming up a lot for the signs this week! Here I think in the aspect of really living life to the full, a feeling of finding out who the ‘real you’ is and continuing onwards and upwards just like the Honeysuckle itself .. surrounded by that heavenly scent too! 😉





Ruis (Elder) – Reversed – This shows that you might have had to learn a hard lesson this week, perhaps it was somewhat embarrassing :s .. or conversely you faced fate and avoided that?


Nuin (Ash) – Whatever the case might have been it looks as if harmony and balance will be restored this week, a positive change should come about and some clarity with it 😉


Huathe (Hawthorn) – Drawn reversed this tree asks us to retreat and take stock, now you might wonder why with Ash restoring order above? Well maybe that clarity will show you why 😉


Overall – Mor (the Sea) – This signifies travel, either in the literal sense or subconsciously. Perhaps you feel you could do with a break, a holiday or short trip somewhere for a while. Or maybe you are thinking about developing your psychic abilities, exploring some hidden depths? Most importantly it seems to be about ‘going with the flow’ 😉





Huathe (Hawthorn) – As for Hazel above, when reversed, this tree asks us to retreat and take stock, that is its basic message .. so maybe this is what you have been doing recently in some way?


Saille (Willow) – Another drawn reversed for you .. indicating that you might still be feeling a little ‘out of your depth’ this week .. but all who wander are not lost! You can regain control! 🙂


Straiph (Blackthorn) – I think this indicates a transformation for you, taking a different approach to life, an awakening or compromise, which helps you to cross over to a new life from breakdown of the old 😉


Overall – Koad (Grove) – yes, here it is again .. that deeper understanding .. and looking at the trees above I think that good friends/family could be helping here 🙂 ‘Peace’ is also a BIG message from Koad and Blackthorn is also a protector .. you may be going through some considerable changes in life but you also have some great support! 🙂





Ura (Heather) – How have your ‘partnerships’ been lately – romantic and/or business? Has all been hunky dory or have you been feeling that something is amiss? Any concerns leading up to now?


Straiph (Blackthorn) – This sometimes means that there could be a little ‘strife’ coming up, a conflict of sorts this week perhaps? But sometimes things need to be discussed and compromises reached 😉


Idho (Yew) – This tree symbolises transition, rebirth, a gateway to something new. Whether the above refers to a close relationship or a business partnership, this could possibly mean a big change of sorts, perhaps a rekindling of your love life or a project end in your working world leading to something much much better! 😉


Overall – Phagos (Beech) – As well as learning and knowledge, this tree speaks of prosperity! 🙂 Therefore however major any changes might be it seems that they will be backed up with the wisdom that comes from experience, listening to that trusted voice within .. this all sounds highly positive indeed! 🙂





Beith (Birch) – the tree of ‘new beginnings’ – have you been having a bit of a ‘spring clean’ recently? I don’t mean of the household kind but more so getting rid of emotional clutter, a new start? 🙂


Nuin (Ash) – It looks as if all your hard work might start to pay off this week, some order being restored back into your life, some emotional balance and harmony, renewed clarity too 🙂


Idho (Yew) – As with Ivy above it looks as though you will be experiencing some kind of ‘rebirth’, yes this could mean the ‘death’ or shedding of some things but from that comes new life 🙂


Overall – Oir (Spindle) – This tells us that sometimes we have to commit to certain things in life in order to honour ourselves as well as others, so it seems as though you already know what needs to be done but with this Oir brings ‘inner peace’ too 🙂 It looks as though you have already made a brilliant start! 🙂





Idho (Yew) – Once again that gateway of transition – has something come to an end in your life recently, a project, job or relationship? Something of significance, a BIG life change?


Gort (Ivy) – It could be possible that this week has you feeling rather ‘bound up’ or on the other hand rather empowered? Stronger for what has come to pass? Ivy is tenacious, it got ‘killer strength’! 😉


Ailm (Pine) – This tree here I think signifies ‘elation’, a ‘purification’, living up to your aspirations and now being open to new much brighter opportunities! 🙂 You’ve probably learned a lot! 😉


Overall – Oir (Spindle) – As for Broom above, this beautiful tree signifies inner peace, commitment to others and self and also honour within our community. I would say “you probably know you have done the right thing”, no doubt with total decency and the best intent to all involved with as little hurt as possible 😉





Saille (Willow) – This drawn reversed indicates that you might have been feeling as if you have lost some control in life recently, have you been a bit ‘all at sea’? A little disorientated? :s


Edhadh (Aspen) – This week could find you facing up to things, feeling a lot stronger, transforming any doubt/fear you may have into a ‘teacher’, what are you being taught from all of this?


Tinne (Holly) – The likely answer being to ‘retreat and rest’ from it – but isn’t that what I was doing last week I hear you say? Well no because you were probably over thinking things 😉


Overall – Mor (the Sea) – Oh no, not the sea again! Well this is not reversed, so not about being ‘lost at sea’, Mor here is asking you to ‘go with the flow’, go easy on yourself! Listen to your inner self, that ‘teacher’, honour your emotions, take some time out if need be .. try a trip to the seaside! 😉